"It All Means Nothing"-Screaming Females

A brand new song that is awesome live! Also a hilariously disturbing music video in which Marissa kills and eats cats. I think my favorite part has to be the section starting at 3:15. When I saw them open with this live everyone was jumping (like at 3:29) and the whole band was smiling. If you haven’t checked them out on record or in concert, GO.

Pre-order the new album “Ugly” at: http://screamingfemales.com/

Comes out April 3rd

Screaming Females cover that If It Makes You Happy song by Sheryl Crow. I was actually there that night in Brooklyn! The combination of nostalgia from 1996 and Marissa belting out the chorus at :34 made me grin like a fool. Not only is she my favorite female vocalist around in any genre of music right now, as a band these guys are perfectly tight and so much fun just to watch. Not to mention they’re all super nice people!

Update 3/27/12

So, for the 10 of you out there, thanks for sticking around. Planning on re-booting this music blog (for what the 4th time now?). I’ve been working on a mental “What to expect in 2012” list and I have some creative ideas that aren’t reviews stored up there as well. I’ve just been so busy lately with school and other projects I have online, I sort of forgot about this! Pathetically enough, I was sort of using it solely for a resume booster for a while, which is idiotic really. What I want this to be is a place where I get to express my feelings about punk music (among many other genres and styles) and experiment writing about it in a (supposedly) no pressure zone. But when those damn numbers are involved ( TEN FOLLOWERS. TEN.) and ingrained into your head it can be kind of hard NOT to start taking things a little too seriously. Anyway, hopefully more to come.

"Black Me Out" by Tom Gabel (Against Me!)

A song that’ll sure to be on the new Against Me! record we can probably expect sometime in late summer or early fall I’d bet.

Best of 2011: Have Nots “Proud”

Nobody thought it would be possible for Have Nots to give the instant classic “Serf City USA” a proper follow-up.

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Best of 2011: The World Inferno Friendship Society “The Anarchy and the Ecstasy”

My first shot at a “Best of 2011” (shorter) review is World/Inferno’s newest record which, if I was doing some sort of arbitrary ranking system like everyone else, would probably sit at number one.

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Review: Star Fucking Hipsters “From The Dumpster to the Grave”

Initially slated to be called “Ska Fucking Hipsters”, Scott Sturgeon’s (Stza’s) latest crack rock steady project emerges from the gutter with a more ska driven record powered by a newly revamped lineup. While the group’s 2009 release Never Rest In Peace dragged through brooding mid-tempos and a handful of brutal metal tunes, Dumpster brings forth a band of refreshed crust punks tearing through songs, that tend to hearken back to where Stza first introduced his token genre without being bogged down by experimental metal breakdowns.

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Dave Mcwane Makes Full Recovery


Big D And The Kids Table frontman, David McWane was recently diagnosed with throat cancer which forced the band to drop tour dates throughout the winter as he underwent surgery. We’re happy to say that a recent post from the band confirms that the surgery has been successful and he is now free of cancer. 

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"This Respirator" video by The Flatliners

"Anxious and Worrying" by Defiance Ohio